No : B01870

Artist : Teppei Terada / Seto Aichi JAPAN
Material : pottery clay
Dimensions : approx. Dia 210 × H30 mm

Seto, where Mr. Terada is making pottery, is famous for making tea bowls using a technique called Setoguro.

Mr. Terada,who grew up in such a background, has been thinking long and hard about color "black". We asked him if he could make AMAHARE KURO original tableware, "KUROgane" was born over time through trial and error.
"KUROgane" series gives an elegant impression with its primitive form and the gold texture of wabi-sabi on the edges.

A size recommended serving side dishes.

※This is handmade one by one. The color, shape and size of the works that you received at hand may slight variations from the photographs. Please appreciate and enjoy it as character of individual pieces.
We recommend before you serve the heated food, rinse with a warm water and for cold food, use cold water to rinse.
Please enjoy that its texture changes little by little as you use it for a long time.

Do not use the microwave as the edge is decorated with gold.


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