Item #: B02323

Making hand: RyoOkado Akita Prefecture
Size: about 185 × 105 × 65 mm / Capacity: 560 ml
Material: Akita Sugi


Akita Sugi "Bentaw", which is made in Okabushi City, which is characterized by beautiful wood grain.
By breathing the tree, it is one of the traditional traditional crafts in Akita Prefecture, which has been used as a lunch box because it adjusts the humidity of rice moderately.

It is a trivial lunch box. Medium size is a popular size for men.


※ It is a handmade item using a natural tree. How to stop the wood grain and cherry blossoms, the color, etc. are individual differences and may differ from the picture.

※ After use, use a neutral detergent and a soft sponge. After washing, let me dry naturally with a drain.
When storing, please be a ventilated shade.


microwave oven Dishwasher oven
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