●21-S12 Fuyou platter 12 Chestnut Black 440*400



Artist : Kazuhiko Shimoo・Saori Shimoo / Yao Toyama JAPAN
Material : Chestnut
Dimensions : approx. W440 × D400 × H70 mm

Mr. Shimoo said that he puts a block of wood filled with natural energy in front of him and carves it out with the inspiration.

Fuyou is a series of beautiful wooden crafts whose grains rise above the surface. A food-safe finish makes the pieces durable and safe from staining when used with wet and oily foods.

Some have Kasugai that is a large silver nails for connecting wood and some do not.

※Fuyou series
Inspired by the traditional wood finishing techniques Uzukuri and Negoro, Shimoo Design developed an original method for finishing their line of tableware. Their original technique highlights the woods natural grain and emphasizes its texture while adding a distinctive tone and rustic appeal.

※ Shimoo Design's works are handmade one by one. The color, shape and size of the works that you received at hand may slight variations from the photographs.Please appreciate and enjoy it as character of individual pieces. Please avoid from using the knife as it will damage the coating film on the surface. Also, please avoid from serving curry as it may cause color transfer.

【packing fee】
Because it is a large item, a "packing fee" of ¥ 1,000 will be charged in addition to the normal shipping fee. Thank you for your understanding.



It may happen that some crafts available on our online store run out of stock due to time difference because the crafts are exhibited at store in Tokyo and online store simultaneously. You’ll be notified by email if your order is sold out.