Cylindrical large non-groundside


Item Number: C00002

Region: Kadokan-cho, Akita Prefecture
Material: Bark of Sakura Sakura
Size: Approximately φ80 x H 120 mm / about 150 g

A tea cylinder that can use the inner lid instead of tea.
The outer cylinder uses the silver-shaped skin of the Bark of the mountain cherry blossom, and you can enjoy the unique look of the cherry blossoms that appears when polished.
It is characterized by being able to adjust humidity and save tea leaves in good condition.

※ Because of handmade goods produced using natural wood, the size and shape, color taste and coloring facial expressions may differ from photos.

Storing in extremely dry places can cause the skin of the surface and the distortion of the entire product. Please be careful not to get wet with water, as it may cause the rosefoot of the sakura.
Also, don't put it for a long time for moisture. Please be careful not to apply to direct sunlight to prevent distortion and cracking, and fading.

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