Kukan Chuzo / Nanbu Cast Iron Kettle L


No : C00888

Brand : Kukan Chuzo / Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture
Material : Iron
Dimensions :approx. W175 x H195 mm
Volume : approx. 1,100ml

This iron kettle with a modern design based on the typical design of the Nanbu-ironware called the "nanbugata".

The more frequent times you use, the more elegant looking iron kettle becomes, the more delicious hot water comes up. Please enjoy delicious hot water first before enjoy delicious tea.

*When water boil up, please remove the hot water into thermos or thermos flask, then dry the inside with the heat of the iron kettle itself.
Do not remain water in the iron kettle.
If not so, it is easy to become rust.
The spout and lid are areas where rust is likely to occur. Please wipe with a dry cloth from time to time.

microwave ×
dishwasher ×
oven ×
direct heat


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