KUKAN CHUZO / Nanbu Iron Kettle L


Item Number C00888

Material : Iron
Dimensions :W175 × H195 mm (incl.handle)
Volume : 1,100 ml

This iron kettle with a modern design based on the typical design of the Nanbu-ironware called the "nanbugata".
The more frequent times you use, the more elegant looking iron kettle becomes, the more delicious hot water comes up. Please enjoy delicious hot water first before enjoy delicious tea.

*After use, wash it with hot water and wipe off to remove stains.
Please keep it dry and in a well-ventilated place.
Do not remain water in the iron teapot. If not so, it is easy to become rust. The iron spout and wooden lid are areas where rust and mold is likely to occur.  

microwave dishwasher oven

Direct fire

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