Fuyou Ryurei-joku 4set(a set of tea service table and chair)


Number : G01667

Artist : Kazuhiko Shimoo , Saori Shimoo
Material : natural wood
Area : Yao, Toyama Prefecture
Dimensions :
Tea-serving table : W550 × D550 × H625
Stool for placing tea kettle : W450 × D450 × H575
Chair : W290 × H290 × H390
Stool for placing Kensui (container for waste-water) : W250 × D250 × H350


Ryureishiki style tea ceremony ( chair-style tea ceremony ) which was specially arranged to welcome foreign visitors to the exhibition held in 1872 was created in step with the modernization of the world from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period.

Shimoo design's Ryurei-joku (a set of tea service table and chair) fits comfortably into modern living spaces. This is the Ryurei-joku where anyone can easily enjoy the tea ceremony without worrying about the style and format. These are nesting chairs and tables that can be stored compactly. This is recommended not only for those who are doing tea ceremony in earnest, but also for those who want to start tea casually and who want to entertain friends and customers. There is a place to put an IH heater for the tea kettle.

This is a one-of-a-kind craft that is finished while making the best use of the individuality of wood such as wood grain and knots.

 *Shimoo Design's works are handmade one by one. The color, shape and size of the works that you received at hand may slight variations from the photographs. Please appreciate and enjoy it as character of individual pieces. Please avoid from using the knife as it will damage the coating film on the surface. Also, please avoid from serving curry as it may cause color transfer.

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*IH heater not included.

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