Venetian Classics 21-4


Item #: D00627

Making hand: Takeshi Samurai / Osaka Fu
Material: Glass
Size: Approximately φ70 × H205 mm / Capacity: about 200 ml (plunder)

Samurai-san's focus, Venetian Classics.

It is a goblet using so-called Italian technique.
Colorful Venetiangrass, except "color", extracting transparency and delicate and delicate elements that are also the characteristics of glass.

Takeshi Samano is one of one handmade made of handmade.
There are differences in color, shape and size for works that arrive at the picture of the picture, but it would be appreciated if you enjoy each personality.
It is not a heat-resistant material, so avoid using a microwave oven, fast heat, and quench.

microwave oven

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