Masayuki Miyagi Vase 22A black glaze



Artist:Masayuki Miyagi
Area:Nanjyo, Okinawa Prefecture
Material:Pottery clay
Dimensions : approx. Φ460 × H620 mm / caliber:Φ140 mm


Masayuki Miyagi, who is making pottery in Nanjyo, Okinawa.
Miyagi's vases have a gentle strength reminiscent of "Panari-yaki," which is traditionally baked in the Yaeyama Islands.
It is a one-of-a-kind piece with an impressive primitive appearance.
It is made one by one by hand.
You can use it as an object as it is or arrange flowers.


*It is a large piece, so if you fill it directly with water, it may become too heavy to hold. We recommend that you use another container to arrange flowers.
*Although this product has waterproofing treatment on the inside, due to the characteristics of pottery, water may seep out little by little or condensation may form if water is left in the product for a long period of time.
Therefore, we strongly recommend you to prepare a matting board if you want to put it inside a room.

*If you would like to see the artworks in person, you can visit Baxter Tokyo. Please feel free to contact either AMAHARE or Baxter Tokyo.


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