Kenji Kobayashi × Yosuke tuzaka + Yuko Kubo (Sunrise glass craft company) × Rain spring
"I'm going to spring."

This is because this time is the spring
Let's raise spring only because this time
It's like this, so I enjoy spring

Kenji Kobayashiji Bonsai and Tsukasaka Yosuke, along with Glass Works of Kubo Yuko
We will propose the spring time spent with a calm feeling.



February 26 (Fri) -Mare 8 (Mon)
※ While the time of the session, platinum drain is a wood, gold, soil, day only.


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After receiving this situation, we will refrain from the authorizer of the writer.

◇ Online sales

February 26 (Fri) Some of the largest scenery bonsai can be purchased by the Online Shop rainy season.
The works of the Sunrise Glass Crafts Corporation will be posted on the online shop during the session or after the end of the session. Moth

裕 子 文 鎮

Because it will be a very popular work
To two sights are up to 2 per person, and the chopsticks of water is up to 5 points per person
Please acknowledge it.


※ ONLINE SHOP and store handling items are common.



Hedgehog parent and child


Kenji Kobayashi-san, "Bonsai Harrines".
Kubo Yuko also produces a dedicated dome.


It is a work that looked at the back of the lush moss called Yamago.
Yamago kake will change white and turns white when it is dried so as to be called crude leaf white hair (Arahashilagao).

To maintain this lush condition, moderate moisture replenishment can not be applied.



It is desirable to be moist when touching, so please do water with mist blunting while watching the condition of the moss.

The place to be decorated is a good half-day shade.
If the air conditioner corresponds directly, and when the direct sunlight is strongly hit, it may dry violently and the moss discolores.

Please give me love while watching the daily life.




The beauty of the eye when I bloomed and scattered.
Speaking of flowers, pronouns of flowers who are loved by Japanese to make cherry blossoms.

Among them, I think that there are many people who are fascinated by the ugly appearance of "Sidareza Kura". Moth

What can be said in general bonsai of the cherry blossoms is the time when the cherry blossoms use power until the leaves appear since the cherry blossoms bloom.
You can get over this season by increasing the frequency of water and using a nutrient.

In early summer, please enjoy the new green on the fall. Moth

If you decide, you may feel a bit lonely, but if you are firm and summer, you will bloom the next year and a beautiful flower will bloom.


Chow jujubai


Longevity plum popular with a gift with auspicious language, such as hope for Grandpa Grandma's Longevity.

It is one of the bonsai that you can enjoy even if you are the first time.

I think that I want to enjoy it as it appears because it blooms a lot of flowers, but because I use power when I'm scattered,
If the flower is blooming more than three or more, flowers waiting for blooming when the flowers bloomed will bloom one after another. Moth




As the name of the cloud dragon, it is a unione bokeh that Kunekune and branch grow.

The landscape of the branch is a very modern impression.
Blooming blooming bloom is a flower I like personally.




Mr. Kobayashi, who is not so good branching Niri Kayaki.
It is a ranging of a world view that birds are likely to gather.

"Spring sprouts, fresh green, autumn is autumn leaves, winter winter blight"

Plants that embodies the concept of scenic bonsai products.
Please enjoy the beautiful expression that shows with the four seasons.


Kohauchi Wakade


Mr. Kobayashi's speech top is the planting.

A dynamic view is spreading based on a fault that is full of grooming called a kurama dish.

Please give me plenty of maple. In particular, summer is carefully necessary for water.
It is recommended to prun the leaves from spring to the rainy season.

Speaking of the fun of maple, it is still autumn leaves.
When the summer heat has passed, it will be beautifully autumn leaves by putting it on the cold.

Since the kurama dish is open, it is recommended to do it in a place where water is easy to drain water, such as a veranda.


How to raise a scenery bonsai


It's a bit long, but I tried to bring together the scenic bonsai taught by Mr. Kobayashi.
I hope you can see it before purchasing.

In summer, please give it twice in the morning and once in the winter season. During the summer day, the temperature in the bowl is risen and damaged the roots and it also causes freezing since the evening of winter, so avoid the watering of the time zone as much as possible.

Watering with merryhari.
If you put it in a bad place in a ventilated place, you will not run too much, if you are always jitzing, roots and molds will grow or cause illness. Take care of the environment that goes out and places the pot, and keep in mind "I will dry."

Moss is dry once and water may be broken. Then the water will not penetrate until the soil, and the plants will turn the water. If so, let's take water for a while (about 1 minute). While touching the surface of the moss, it is soft and soft, and continue to be blown.

Please think that the spray is just to water water in the moss. When raising the water, please give plenty of overflowing from the bottom hole. By doing so, the air in the soil is circulated and the soil is purified and the root is activated.

Let's not water the flower of the flower. The petals fall, and the flowers may rot.



The time when the spring and early summer, etc. will be leaves, and it will be easier for sunlight. Let's apply it on the day.

When pruning, leave the branch from the root and cut it as much as 1 cm. If it cuts from the root, there is a risk of dead from there
increase. After a while the remaining part can be easily done by hand.



 【Fertilizer and active agent]

Fertilizer is aware of too much, and it will be 5 to 6 times in the season other than summer. Spring is small, and autumn is given to a lot, but plants are weak
Do not give it to damage the roots when In particular, you may want to be a real or flower.

Products are new to the end of implantation and mixing initial fertilizer at that time. After that, it does not spoil the plants in nutrients of the soil
I will grow my environment and grow durable. For weak plantsMeneadale(Active agent). It is excellent


1st sheet: photo_yuka Yanazume