Yamako potter "Iga's pot"

In the long time ago, IgA district was located in the bottom of Lake Biwa
It is blessed with a good quality ceramic with high heat resistance and heat insulation.

The earthenware pot made of only IgA earth is made of
It is good to slowly pull out the taste of the material.

Once the pot is heated, the temperature is so high that it can be placed on the table
You can eat it warm.

The entrance enters from the beginning.
While continuing to use, it grows into a strong pot.

Please enjoy it as a pot to slowly grow.

Extract the taste of food

I decided to take the pot from the pot before the start of the rainy season.
Because I felt that it was delicious.

"What food do you like?"
It is the pot of the seven size size of yamamine that I like the tofu like hot water tofu.

Size and size of tofu
It is good for IgA's pot to bring out the taste by putting a slow fire in the ingredients. '
I felt the charm to the characteristic that was taught to Tadamasa Yamamoto of the yamanohoko, and I bought impulse.

Kelp and tofu.

Simple tofu.

Since it is simple, it is fascinated by the taste of boiled tofu
It goes without saying that the number of hot water tofu comes out in the table of my house.

Delicious to eat

The potential of this pot is simple.

It is 8 sun size that I bought it completely.
It is good size to drink a pot dish from two to three people.

The time of the pot that surrounds one pot and keeps talking is approaching the distance between the person and the person.
I feel that this pot is making me more enjoyable.

It is recommended that the size of 9 sun is 3 to 4 persons.

It is also called the tamagami which is reflected with the pot.
It is an exquisite size feeling easy to use.

As soon as you start using it, the snake!

There is an explanation with the wonderful illustration of Mr. Yamamoto's wife painted in the pot of yamaboko.

The first shock that madam received immediately married to the minabe shop
It is said that the big bean is found in the bottom.

If it doesn't know this, it breaks immediately! Defective goods! I think that it is a large number, but it is not.

Originally, the earthenware pot is made stronger by entering the snakes.
In order to prevent the leakage by filling the gap of the rice, the pot is boiled twice.

Because it is mixed with the high resistant soil called petalite.
It is convenient and very good.

For this point, it is best to choose an appliance according to your own style
If you are aware of the features of each of "heat-resistant soil (petalite)" and "IgA earth 100%", please consider it.

Grill and spoon.

It is secretly popular by rain and rain.
It is a half porcelain cutlery made by Tadamasa Yamamoto as an individual writer.

` I don't know if you're looking for a good barge or spoon, '

It is a word often heard from the restaurant.
It is Yamamoto's half porcelain cutlery to answer such a voice enough.

Because of the size of the pot, we also have some sizes.
The smallest size of the spoon is recommended for baby weaning.

Fluffy rice pot

At the end, it is the rice pot of the tamonbo.

Look at it.
This mushroom is cooked.

I recommend that you want to eat this rice.

This is a wonderful pot of rice and rice pot.
And, "Tadamasa Yamamoto" half porcelain cutlery.

By the way, I hope you will enjoy the delicious and happy time of the pot.


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Styling Hiroko Takenaka
Photo Bungo Kimura

Styling Hiroko Takenaka
Photo Yuka yanazume