Kenji Kobayashi × Yosuke tuzaka + Yuko Kubo (Sunrise glass craft company) × Rain spring
"I'm going to spring."

It's time like this. It's the spring.
It's time like this, and it's time to grow spring.
This is the time, and it's time for spring to be fun.

Kenji KOBAYASHI, Kageiro BAYASHI, and Yosuke TSUSAKA, both of which were made of glass works by Yuji Kubo,
I would like to offer you a spring time to spend in a gentle and modest way.



February 26 (money): March 8 (the month of the month)
*Even during the session, the white rainy season is only open for trees, gold, soil and day.


About the Author of the Writers

In this situation, I would like to refrain from the aisles of the writers.

For online sales,

On February 26 (gold), some of the scenery-coloring bonsai are available at Online shop, rainy season, and so on.
The work of the sunrise glass craft company will be posted on the online shop during the session or after the end of the session.

Hiroko Kubo, the wife of Hiroko IKEKUBO, and his wife, Shibumi, as well as the water-hake

that's a very popular piece of work,
The Bunchin will have two points in the water, and the water can be kept in the top five points.
Please let me do this.


* Online shop and store deals are common.





The event is about to be held in the spring of the year, and is an exhibition of novelist Kenji Kobayashi, Glass Writer Yosuke Tsuzaka, and Hiroko Kubo, a couple of artists.

I finally got a collaborative work!
Mr. Kubo produced a glass dome for the "Kageiro Bonsai Hedgehoko Mouse," which uses the color of moss, which is a pronoun for Kobayashi, to produce the glass dome.

The hedgehog is prepared in two sizes, big and small, so you have three sizes for big, small, and one (large and one small size).

The dome, which is used for the main visual, has clouds above the hedgehog, and the sky is danced by a swallow. Please take the time to raise Kobayashi's hedgehog in the dome of Kubo.


Ke Serenpaceran


There are other foam, or the lens effect, and the hedgehog peeking through the lens, and the dome for Hedgehog in the whole world of the world.

This is one of my personal favorites.
I'm drawing a phantom white hair called "Ke Selampasan".
I hear that you are said to be happy when you look at this.

This is the time when Kubo, who wanted to spend time at home, is a very nice piece of work.

This dome is not only a lovely look, but a tool that can prevent the drying of the moss part of a hedgehog because it circulates moisture in the dome.

It is a supplementary function, so if the moss is dry, hold the water firmly. (It is the point at which the moss is prolonged before thirst.)

Also, it is recommended that you have a rug under the dome, and it is not directly related to the furniture that has been installed with moisture.
If you put a rug on the plate with the Kanbasha plant, you may be placed on a piece of furniture, so please be careful when you put it on a piece of furniture that is important to you.


Tsusaka's Race


A lace of the Kazusa-san, which is healed by a fine race pattern and slightly relaxed forma.
This is the best of wine and Japanese sake, isn't it?
Please enjoy the cherry blossoms at home while you are in spring.

Kubo says the color of the transparent race is the unique way of expression that can only be used by Tsuzaka, the only way to express the race.

It has been created with a sense of "blur and beautiful" that is echoed by the Japanese people's sentimensness.


Kokubunchin and Ikebun-jin in Kubo


A bunchin of Kubo, a glass of water that is pictured in a movable type of living creature.

In spring, summer, fall, and winter and the pond in winter is depicted.

The following are the spring stone sentences in the spring and the Ikebunchin (the main character of the poet).
Look at the spring from the Wen Zhen who lives in a variety of creatures.

* Since Yuji Kubo is very popular with his wife, Yuji Kubo, Sekhon-jin, and the water hashioki, please accept that there will be only five of the water's Hashiha-Hashiha-Hashioki (five points) for the first time, as well as the one for the first two.


Dual-Fish Race


I saw the Tsuzaka race run in the water.
It is a cup of fish that Kubo drew and swims swimming in.

It is a combination of the two people who produced several dots during the exhibition.
I'm looking forward to what kind of work this year will be.


Color Drop


Here is Kubo's new firearm, "Kara Drop."

The whole firearm is scattered with colorful colors as the name of the vessel.
From the top, it's interesting to look like a droplet with a raven and a droplet of glass.

Spring is a season of beautiful blossoms. Take your favorite flowers and have a good spring in the spring.


Bird nut-fin.


Spring is the season of life birth.
Tsuzaka's Nutz-fin, with a lovely look on his face.

Tsuzaka is using the best technology that no one else in the world has ever done, making a bird that's made of a doodled bird.
That expression is interesting to me.

I want to stare at you, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
It's a cute piece anyway.

Tsuzaka, together with Mr. Kubo, together, I have created a work that can be felt in the spring, as well as in spring. Please try to spring the spring slowly.


photo_Yuka Yanazume