Yuko Ikeda × Rainy "MELTING"



Winter and spring are gently mixed in this season
We will hold the first exhibition at the rainy weather of Yuko Ikeda.

MELTING = The expression of ice that melts with the vision of spring "with the concept of melting
A work that expresses life with a few flowers.

Please enjoy the spring scene where you spread quietly slowly in the work of Mr. Ikeda.

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Ice melts


The first solo exhibition of Yuko Ikeda.
I think this day is still waiting now now.


If you remember2I met for the first time with Mr. Ikeda on a summer day, a hot summer day.
At that time, it was not more than thinking that the exhibition could be held in the rainy weather, but I received a relationship and I am full of gratitude to meet this day.


The theme of the exhibition isMELTING」。


Mr. Ikeda's symbolic work of this exhibition? Asking
Answer has returned that "Ice that Ice is melted and it is likely to become water as it is."


When I saw the work, it came to my eyes
The ice is given to ice in the season when winter and spring are mixed, and life is quietly floral from below.


The time to immerse immerse in the world of Ikeda-san's う is really comfortable.


This time, I couldn't get corridors and I was lonely, so I tried to meet Ikeda again.
It will be delivered by the Q & A system, so it would be appreciated if you read everything.


After all I like the sea


I often felt "sea" from Ikeda's work since I met for the first time
I tried to see how Ikeda-san has produced her work, about her own life and her work.


Where is the inspiration of Ikeda's work?


Mr. Ikeda
"After all, I'm getting a lot of excitement from the sea. My husband and her son likes surfing, and I often spend a holiday in the sea.
I don't do anything, I can pick up a shell, observe sand grains, and look up at the sky.
Actually, I am looking forward to myself what is affected from now on, while at the moment I am in place of the sea near the sea.


Please tell me your own life and work relationship.


Mr. Ikeda
"In terms of relationships, it is equal. I spend every day in mixing my work and work.
Sometimes I remember that the spirit of creating a spirit appears, I remembered that it happens, and it is correct to correct the collar or keep it as it is. After all it is in mind that work is always creating anywhere "


I like to make rice


As I know if I know, Ikeda Ikeda I think.
And Mr. Ikeda who feels a refreshing strength in the kindness.

Speaking of which, what is the favorite thing of Mr. Ikeda?


Mr. Ikeda
"Well, I like it .. I love you while making a meal.
Of course I also like to be a potato, but I can not get it alone for the pottery1I felt like a step-up feelings, a love to love


There was also a crying


A maiden Ikeda-san that it was time to cry when I was out.
Feeling when creating new works.


Mr. Ikeda
"When I was crying, I wanted to control the work to the end.
Repeat the test and aim for your own ideal for your ideal, but you can't go along.
There is a sense of trying to let go by the last firing, and I want to grow a little.

Now I'm trying to learn a little little bit, learn from failure, I will not stick, I'm not sticking.
This way of saying this is a matter of life of life, but I feel that I am looking for important things from the pottery to live without knowing and learning




I thought that I wanted to feel early spring with my skin for Ikeda's concept of works, and I went to the mountain.
In the mountains with winter and spring, continuous with tension and relaxation.
Only because there is an unstable element, the nature of this season was able to feel that it was beautiful.


A work that made me feel close to this season "Melting" Please tell me more about it.


Mr. Ikeda
"Since it would be a spring life, I was repeating the test while I wanted to make a feeling of having a feeling of soft.
That's why it was born, but it is a blue piece that is a white piece of ice like ice and a metal kneaded into the soil and colored.
Melting White is a white bowl, but it was hard to get dirty.
Melting Blue is molded with metal directly into the soil, so no control is possible, and one expression differs depending on what color development.
I'm glad if I could not do it. "


First person in rainy day


I don't feel like that, but laughs
It is the first solo exhibition in rainy weather. Could you tell me the thoughts on this exhibition?


Mr. Ikeda
"Really. It's the first time. Mr. Kaneko of rainy weather is a relaxing relationship that can be heard, and at that time, I respect what I want to make. Suddenly new works in a solo exhibition If you think about it first, you're going to do a horrible thing if you think well. That's why I used to be a good exhibition. "


To everyone who is loving


It is really a pity when considering this situation, but this time I did not come true.
Please let us know if you want to tell you who are looking forward to Mr. Ikeda's exhibition.


Mr. Ikeda
"If something like a slight feeling of air feels like a sense of air, there is no such happiness. Thank you."



It would be nice if you could feel spring by touching the kindness of Mr. Ikeda and the works that the warmth is packed.


We look forward to seeing you through the rainy weather.




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