KURO AMAHARE Opening Exhibition
Takemata Isamuichi × eternal Taku × KURO "KURO"


Shadow and light, dark door light, rain and sunny, black and white


To start handling in Shirokanedai Amaharashi "KuroAs lineup of the show off in front of the place of "
It will be held a two-person exhibition by the "metalwork artist" Takemata Isamuichi's and the "glass artist" eternal Taku.


The two of you work in the main "Kuro"Handling is also work of everyone writers lined up to bring together this opportunity.

Please carry your feet all means to Shirokanedai.


We look look forward to your visit of everyone.


Kuro"Handling writer

Akagi AkiraNoboru, eternal table, Takemata Isamuichi, Teppei Terada, Tsuyoshi Tsujino, Naoto Yano,frescoShimoo DesignShouya Grigg (※Exhibition start of Shouya's work will be at a later date)


Dates: April 9 (gold) - April 18 (Sun)
※ Platinum drain is a tree, gold, soil, day sales during the session.

作 On the Writer Corridor
After receiving this situation, we will refrain from the authorizer of the writer.

◇ Online sales
We will post in the online shop after the end of the session.

Mr. Yamato Takeshi


Opened initially, the Amaharashi did not have what is called a "cutlery".
The reason for this is because we could not find the ones that fit in the vessel to handle Amaharashi.


Yourself even if not come nicely what you are using at home.
The Amaharashi of course, now I think I wish I want cutlery think he wants to use.


One day, the encounter will come suddenly.


About five yearsPreviousWas looking into the shop had been opened "monkey mountain"'s to have been held "sixty-nine craft Street" in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, the Not In A Row downright cool cutlery.


Takemata Isamuichi's cutlery what it is you to this time held a two-person exhibition.
And we found in apologized and sophisticated design facial expressions, did was to buy some for yourself on the spot.


I feel good you're using anyway. The first time that was able to meet such a cutlery.
Rather than the new shiny, polished scratches cool.
The familiar straight to the vessel which you have was very impressive.


Metal cutlery to Amaharashi If you did not meet our Takemata's I think that there did not line up.


First exhibition to ask Takemata who was who made the category of cutlery in Amaharashi.
I myself I'm very excited.


New cutlery and tea box in the exhibition, and the popular bread knife are available We look forward to your visit of everyone!


Mr. Nagaki


Speaking of eternal's work place anyway easy-to-use is simple and I think that it features.


Among themKuroThere lineup of "gray" that's for the attention is eternal is the preparation of color on your own.
I also have a pitcher, but there us Kiririto tightening the top of the table in a very modern.


Also there's is also interesting place it is also to say that the gray in a word to or supposed to be and black Towards swing to blue depending on how compounding.


Exactly the same color does not appear again. It is exactly encounter such of the color of the once-in-a-lifetime chance.


In fact, the first to give eternal I had an exhibition of consultation last year, but I was allowed to postpone once there is also that of the corona.
Because I thought the very unfortunate will be able to join us at this time of the timing, I think very happy.


In Amaharashi plans to ask exhibition in the permanent in the wake of this time.


In the center of the staple in the exhibition, we look forward to your visit of everyone along with the work our eternal's world fully open.


Time of salad


Excellent compatibility of Takemata's metalwork and eternal's glass.
I use a combination of the two of you work and I wish would be to be fun table.
I tried to variously considered a combination with such a pleasant delusion.


If you match the Takemata's new server spoon and fork server
Eternal's bowl and plate is recommended.


Please enjoy the seasonal vegetables, please.


Time of wine


The slowly spend the night in the spring, crisp cold Natural wine is now the mood.


While holding a finger food that Yoso' to Takemata's small plates
Delicious and pleasant a temporary wine poured into eternal's glass.


The main time


The main dishes in pewter dish of Takemata's
Paste alignment to meet it in the eternal's Futamono.


Takemata's new cutlery series cool the course of that very easy to use!
In addition we are plotting a wish or try to one aligned.


Please try its user-comfort in the shop by all means.


Time of cake


Sweet thing is not allowed to write after all even after eating variety.


Cake server and eternal's dome & compote combination of Mr. Takemata.
This by no mistake that go up tension When the cake is coming out.


Time of ice coffee


A little while ago even though I ate sweets.
Would no longer sleep drank coffee from now.


It's a holiday tomorrow I have is known, Let enjoy because much trouble!


The kit're spending such a Friday night you should not just me.


Today's deadline is iced coffee and jelly.
it's the best.


I think I wish I really like the combination of Takemata san and eternal's work.
Everyone also would be appreciated to experience touch a look at the splendor in Shirokanedai Amaharashi.
The after the exhibition we are considering also sell online because who visit us is difficult, I hope you look forward to there.


In, I look forward to your visit of everyone! .