Kenji Kobayashi × Yosuke tuzaka + Yuko Kubo (Sunrise glass craft company) × Rain spring
"I'm going to spring."

Because it is such time, spring is
Let's raise spring because it is such time
Because it is such time

Landscape of Kenji Kobayashi
I propose the spring time to spend with the calm feelings.

2Moon26Day-3Moon8Day (month)
During the period, the white gold leaf is open for trees, gold, earth, and day only.

About the writer's residence

The passage of the artist of the writer is made to stop.

About online sales

February26Part of the bonsaiAn online shop
You can request it.

Sunrise glass craft company's works will be posted to the online shop during the session or at the end of the session.

Uchiko Kubo's chin bunchin, ishibunchin and water chopsticks

Because it becomes a very popular work, the character is the one person2Until
The person who holds chopsticks of water5Please advise me to point up.

About the work of goods
Goods to spring

* sunrise glass craft company's works are here.

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