Kenji Kobayashi (Product) × Tsukasaka Yosuke + Kubo Yoko (Sunrise Glass Crete Co., Ltd.) × Rainy weather
"Spring is so good"

This is because this time is the spring
Let's raise spring only because this time
It's like this, so I enjoy spring

Kenji Kobayashiji Bonsai and Tsukasaka Yosuke, along with Glass Works of Kubo Yuko
We will propose the spring time spent with a calm feeling.

2Month26Day (Fri)-3Month8Sun (Mon)
※ While the time of the session, platinum drain is a wood, gold, soil, day only.

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February26Some of the largest scenery bonsaiONLINE SHOP rainy season
You can ask.

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"Spring is so good" item

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"Spring" Sunrise Glass